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Social media for charity

As well as broadcast and print media, charities are increasingly using social media to publicise the work they do.

Whether on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Flickr, you can use social media to engage with your supporters, beneficiaries and the general public. In addition, increasingly journalists and bloggers are using these channels to find newsworthy stories, so your charity can benefit from the exposure that can bring too.

If you are not already engaged with social media, it pays to draw up a simple strategy to identify your key messages and your key audiences. It also pays to consider what sort of posts you are likely to make. If it is mostly short text based updates, then Twitter is likely to be a priority in the first instance.

Regardless of the social media channels you choose, the key is to ensure that you are consistent and accurate in your messaging. The public is likely to be interested in the same sort of stories as you are, so don’t focus on intrinsically internal issues. Try to give a human angle to all your communications.

Why not encourage your founder or a senior manager to contribute a blog to your website so that readers can find out more about your charity?