Videos and photography

BOTW and EPR on wallWe all know that a picture paints a thousand words, so just think how strong a message you can make using video!

Eye-catching photos are really effective for helping you communicate to your audience and a video is a great medium too to get your message ‘out there’. Either way, we can help.

Traditionally, videos have been in the form of corporate videos which show funders and potential corporate partners what your charity does and who benefits from its work. This type of video still has an important role, but the rise in social media has brought with it the opportunity to allow beneficiaries and others to make their own short films which can be shared on the internet. Ethos public relations can help you manage the process of video-making so your message is in the spotlight.

Today, videos can be made relatively cheaply and are an effective way to not only get your charity’s message across, but also of keeping your website fresh and engaging.

You might even like to consider making a series of videos and publishing them to the web on video sharing sites such as YouTube or your own Facebook page.

You can easily make and upload your own videos, but you might also want to talk to video professionals who could produce a better finished video for you. Feel free to click here for more information about what we can offer. If you want to manage the process yourself, our tip would be ‘keep it simple’. A short and concise video is likely to be much better received, and viewed, that a longer video. We think you should be able to get your message across in about two minutes. Sketch a storyboard to help plan the film you want to make.

Of course, if you want to organise photography, we can help with that too! Like videos, sometimes it pays to get a professional in. With digital cameras, we can all take snaps, but they don’t always turn out as good as we had hoped. When you take a picture of a one off event, you can’t do it again later if it hasn’t worked out well! A professional photographer will have years of experience gauging the lighting and composition to get the best effect. Perhaps they may even do something creative, which catches the attention of the media.