Sea Shanties to raise funds for RNLI

Photograph of some of the choir

Risor Shantykor join others at the regular sea shanty sessions in The Baltic Fleet

The Baltic Fleet pub in Liverpool will live up to its name as it hosts a concert by sea shanty singers fresh in from the Baltic region.

Norwegian sea shanty singers Risør Shantykor will be in Liverpool as guests of the regular Sea Shanty Sessions held at the historic sailors’ pub. Made up of 10 singers from the Norwegian town of Risør which, like Liverpool, is famous for its seafaring tradition and ship building, Risør Shantykor will perform in both Norwegian and English.

Risør Shantykor will be joined by hosts Trimrig and a Doxy and regular singers and musicians from Liverpool and across the North West in the informal atmosphere of the back bar.

All are welcome to the ‘spiritual heart of the sea shanty’ and entrance is free, but a contribution to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution will be welcome. Come prepared to join in the choruses or even sing a shanty yourself!

Saturday, 13th July 2013 8.30 pm – The Baltic Fleet, Wapping, Liverpool L1 8DQ

You can find out more about the monthly Sea Shanty Sessions at