Could you help older people Spring Online?

Spring Online 2014 logoWeb savvy people are being asked to run local digital taster events as part of an annual campaign to get more people to ‘Spring Online’.

According to the Office of National Statistics, some seven million people in the UK have never used the internet, of which six million are over the age of 55. Now Digital Unite is asking individuals, organisations and businesses to run events that give more people a taste of the benefits that the internet and digital technologies can bring.

A spokesman for Digital Unite said: “Millions more don’t have basic online skills such as sending emails or searching the web. They are missing out on the many advantages the web can offer, from shopping and paying bills online to keeping in touch with family and friends.”

Last year about 20,000 people were given their first taste of computers, the internet and other digital technology as part of the award-winning campaign.

Introductory sessions were set up in libraries, schools, businesses, housing schemes, pubs and internet cafes.

Other sessions were held at a cinema, street market and candle factory.

Digital Unite supports every event holder with downloadable posters, leaflets and certificates, activity ideas and friendly advice and guidance.

Spring Online, run in association with Carphone Warehouse, runs from March 31 to April 4 2014.

Dick Stroud, acting managing director of Digital Unite, said: “Spring Online is a great way to get involved with your local community. Through the 13 years of this campaign, we’ve seen the powerful effects of bringing people together to share an interest and explore modern technology.

“However you do it, whether it’s with a couple of tablets in your front room or by taking over your local community centre, being part of Spring Online can make a massive difference to everyone involved.”

More information is available at, by calling 0800 228 9272 or emailing