Media relations

Media (iStock)There are many reasons to maintain good relationships with the local and national media.

Your charity does lots of good work and it is only right that people get to hear about it. Often, staying in touch with the media comes second to your day job, and this is where a public relations agency can pay dividends.

There are many things you might like to tell the media about, including major donations, new projects, changes in staff and other developments at your charity.

Keeping the media, and ultimately the general public, up-to-date with what is going on at your charity is essential because it can help a charity promote its services, which in turn brings in donations and ultimately allows the charity to keep on doing its good work.

A tailored PR service that works in tandem with other parts of your charity’s marketing can get your message to the eyes and ears of your key audience. Public relations which works seamlessly can deliver real benefits and will make your money go further.

And PR is not just good for website hits – it can also be good for the purse strings in the long run. So, with that knowledge and experience in the bank, why would you look further than Ethos public relations?