Businesses offered cancer awareness talk

The NHS has launched a new cancer awareness campaign across Greater Manchester and Cheshire targeting the over 50s.

Be clear on cancer logo

Be clear on cancer

The campaign, Be Clear on Cancer – Know 4sure, aims to raise public awareness of key signs of cancer and encourage those with any of the symptoms to see their doctor.

People are being encouraged to see their doctor if they notice any of these four signs:

1.    Unexplained blood that doesn’t come from an obvious injury.
2.    An unexplained lump.
3.    Unexplained weight loss, which feels significant to you.
4.    Any type of unexplained pain that doesn’t go away.

Local businesses in Greater Manchester and Cheshire are being given the opportunity of a FREE cancer awareness talk with a ‘Cancer Champion’. Cancer Champions have been trained to deliver cancer awareness messages to groups of people and to encourage people with symptoms to report to their doctor.

The talks are designed to raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of cancer amongst employees and their families, encouraging them to visit their GP if they notice any signs.

The talk usually takes about 30 minutes, and can take place at a convenient time.

If you would like more information, or would like to book a talk, please contact Mark Brown on 01942 483 089 or email